Sweet Party Platter Tastebox



GFG Sweet Platter Selections Tastebox is a mouthwatering selection of bite-sized traditional sweets and Greek cookies including:


Simply select your party platter serving size and leave the rest to us!

Serving sizes: GFG Greek Sweet Party Platter Box comes in two sizes, with 4 or 8 pieces of each of the sweets and serving a minimum of 10 to 20 people.

Ordering multiple boxes: To ensure smooth fulfillment, this item is currently limited to a single box per order. However, if you are hosting a larger party and need to order more than one box please contact us ahead to make special arrangements.

Important note: Contains nuts and honey.

The sweetest party platter

This selection of traditional sweets and Greek cookies makes an ideal sweet platter to top off a Greek meze (or any meal, if you ask us!)

In Greece, traditional sweets are a must on special occasions such as weddings, engagements, religious celebrations and other important events. But we love to treat our guests or work colleagues to these authentic, richly filled Greek favorites any time. The perfect birthday treat at the office or any type of private party or gathering.


GFG Greek party platter serving

Freshly Prepared

Freshly prepared in-house using pure, authentic ingredients, these sweet delights are sure to impress your guests and teams. Thanks to wholesome ingredients like honey, syrup and nuts, they keep fresh and delicious for longer than cakes. So even if you have some left over, they’ll be great the next day or few.


Serving suggestions

You may want to advise your guests to leave a bit of room for dessert! This selection offers a taste of the sweetest Mediterranean favorites, with several exquisite options to choose from.  All of them are exquisitely textured, with just the right amount of flake, crunch and nuttiness and sweetened with a silky-smooth natural syrup or honey.

They are very sweet so a little goes a long way. In many Greek taverns you’ll find them serving just a small, bite-sized baklava or kataifi after a meal or meze, usually measuring one or two pieces per person. From our own experience, with this platter you’ll will wish you left room for seconds!

Pair them with Greek coffee or a shot of espresso as a final touch.


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