Greek Salad Essentials


Make a perfect Greek Salad every time with these classic staples curated by GFG!


The iconic Greek Salad is a simple dish made even more easy with GFG Greek Salad Essentials Tastebox.

How to prepare

A good salad relies on pure ingredients: fresh, preferably organic, produce and some authentic staples for the best flavors. Get your hands on some plump red tomatoes and crisp cucumber, cut into generous chunks and slice or dice some onion, as you prefer.



Add a few whole Kalamata olives, a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and optionally some red wine vinegar to liven it up. Chunks of good Greek feta go on top. You can optionally season it with some oregano and/or black pepper but if you are using real Greek feta – you may want to skip the salt. Mix at the table, not before, to preserve crispness and flavors. Enjoy!


The Greek salad – arugula debate

Traditional Greek Salad doesn’t typically contain lettuce or arugula, yet in the US it is often prepared with arugula. We don’t see why not! Contrary to what you may have heard, adding a green to a Greek Salad is not some unspeakable crime. As Greeks we are fond of tradition, but  that arugula hill is not the one we feel we need to die on! Enjoy your Greek Salad with or without greens of your choice, be it arugula, baby spinach, or dandelion leaves or whatever else you love. Just have salad!

Curious about the history of Greek Salad? Check out this Greek From Greece article.

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