Halloumi Ravioli



Traditional ravioli, filled with 100% authentic traditional halloumi cheese from Cyprus.

If you are looking for a true taste of the Mediterranean and love pasta be sure to give these Halloumi Ravioli by Cavo Greco a try. We have and can assure you, they taste just like home!


Ingredients: Filling: Halloumi cheese (pasteurized milk – blend of cow, sheep & goat, salt, non-animal rennet, mint), ricotta cheese (whey, pasteurized milk, vinegar, salt, xanthan gum), liquid egg (egg, citric acid), dried mint. Dough: enriched wheat flour, water, salt.

Packaging: carton box

Weight: 8.4 oz / 240g

Serving size: 12 ravioli

Made in USA by Cavo Greco Foods Inc

How to enjoy Halloumi Ravioli

This savory, delicately minty dish is refreshing, light and flavorful and perfect for any season and occasion. Its simplicity and wholesome ingredients are what makes them a firm favorite traditional comfort food but they are also a frequent feature entrée in a Cyprus meze. They provide a delicious alternative to meat for vegetarians but meat lovers appreciate them just as much. They also pair well with salads for a perfect light meal on their own, or served as a side next to any roast meat lunch or dinner.

In Cyprus we normally enjoy them plain, with just some grated halloumi or dried anari cheese on top, but you can add to the broth any seasoning you like, finish them off in some tomato sauce or serve with some pesto on top.


traditional cypriot ravioli with halloumi


Ravioli Origins

Ravioli belongs to a family of stuffed pasta, along with dumplings and pierogi. The name ravioli originates from Italian riavvolgere meaning “to wrap”. While the exact origin of the dish is unknown around the world, they have been popularized in Italy around the 14th century, embraced worldwide and nowadays, they come in many versions and delicious fillings.


Traditional Cypriot Ravioli

In Cyprus halloumi-filled ravioli are a beloved traditional pasta dish. The art of making the perfect ravioli has been passed down through the villages of Cyprus for centuries. Filled with a mixture of aged halloumi (or a combination of halloumi and anari cheese), egg and mint, and boiled in chicken broth, ravioli is simply served with some grated halloumi or dried anari on top.

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