Meze At Home

by GFG

Greek from Greece meze selections come in curated tasteboxes that ship in 2 days and platters ready to serve in just 2 hours.

All GFG products are carefully prepared in-house using handpicked imported ingredients, our expert chef’s specials and paired with the very best local fresh produce.

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Greek Meze 101

With ideas & pro tips and top product picks Greek From Greece guides you through the steps to a perfect meze party at home! 

Greek meze is something of a ritual – served in carefully planned stages to tantalize the senses. The variety of flavors and textures makes Greek meze an unbeatable gastronomic experience. This popular Greek tradition is a perfect solution for parties and surprisingly easy to recreate with some basics.

Make a perfect meze

  1. Build up the momentum – A great meze is served in stages, layering complimentary and contrasting flavors, and building up all the way to the grand finale. 
  2. Take it slow – It begins with starters like salad and dips, cold and hot delicacies, and main course ending with a show-stopper such as roast lamb or grilled fish. The meal is topped off with dessert and typically ends with a coffee. Take it slow and savor each delicious bite.
  3. Keep it simple – It isn’t about complicated recipes. The simple, wholesome ingredients are prepared and seasoned to tantalize the senses.

And remember: the meze tradition is not just about food but bringing people together! Share the experience and have a great time.