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Everything you need for a perfect Greek feast or meze party at home!

Simply take your pick and sit back. We’ll prepare and deliver the best of the Mediterranean straight to your table!

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GFG Freshly Prepared gourmet appetizers and meze

At Greek From Greece we know our food. So you can believe us  when we say: it tastes just like home! 

Discover our freshly prepared premium gourmet appetizers like GFG Mediterranean Medley With Octopus, or sweet treats like our loaded GFG 100% Pistachio Baklava! You may get them on their own or as part of our Tastebox and gift sets with everything you need to create your own Greek meze party.  

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100% Authentic flavors

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Our selection of top Greek brands and PDO products showcases the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of our country’s artisanal producers.

Our mission is to share the flavors of Greece and the Mediterranean with food enthusiasts everywhere, making it easy for everyone to enjoy the taste and health benefits of this celebrated cuisine.

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Sparta Gourmet

With Sparta Gourmet you know exactly what you are getting: authentic and top quality Greek Kalamata olives and purest Extra Virgin Olive Oils with high polyphenol content. 

We can vouch for the flavor too! With passion for perfection at its core, it’s no wonder that Sparta Gourmet olives and oils make some of our restaurant’s best selling dishes even more delicious!