Organic Greek Feta – 14 oz


Imported organic Greek feta cheese

  • An authentic PDO certified product of Greece
  • Made with 100% sheep’s milk
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Preserved in natural sea salt brine


Ingredients: Pasteurized Sheep’s Milk, Salt, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Rennet. Brine: Water and Sea Salt.

Weight: 14 oz / 400g

Packaging: Plastic container

Country of origin: Greece

Brand: Mythology, by Fantis Foods Inc.

Only the best, authentic Greek feta

Feta has been part of the Greek tradition since ancient times and enjoyed the world over, but not all feta is Greek, or really feta. In the US only around 2% of feta sold is authentic.

We have selected this pure, organic Greek feta for our own dishes, platters and tasteboxes for its exceptional taste, authenticity and purity. Mythology’s Organic Greek Feta is prepared exclusively sheep’s milk, using traditional methods to age it to perfection. It is a natural, USDA certified organic product and 100% Greek. Deliciously creamy and tangy, it is preserved in sea salt brine, for a true Mediterranean aroma.

Want a taste? We ship to NY, NJ and CT in 2 days. Try it on its own or as part of our Tastebox sets and create your own Greek meze at home.

How to spot real feta

Image by: Mythology, by Fantis Foods®


The best Greek feta has the following characteristics:

  1. Made with sheep’s milk: Authentic Greek feta is made with sheep’s milk, although it can also be made with a blend of sheep’s and goat’s milk.
  2. Creamy and crumbly texture: Greek feta should have a creamy, crumbly texture that is not too hard or too soft.
  3. Tangy, salty flavor: Greek feta has a tangy, salty flavor that is balanced by the creamy texture of the cheese.
  4. White color: The best Greek feta has a bright white color, which is an indication of its freshness and quality.
  5. Stored in brine: Greek feta is traditionally stored in brine, which helps to preserve its flavor and texture.
  6. Aged for a minimum of two months: Greek feta is typically aged for a minimum of two months, which helps to develop its distinctive flavor and texture.
  7. PDO certification: The best Greek feta is made in accordance with the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) regulations, which ensure that the cheese is made in a specific region of Greece and meets certain quality standards.


Greek feta cheese and olives

Serving suggestions

Feta traditionally pairs great with all Greek staples and is a must at any meze or Greek charcuterie boards or platters. But don’t let that stop you from getting creative. Feta is versatile and can be used

  • fresh in salads
  • as a pizza topping
  • added to pasta dishes
  • baked, as in pies and casseroles.


It has a strong flavor and is quite salty so remember to pair it with less tangy ingredients for best effect, such as tomato, roasted peppers, spinach and leeks. In our view, there is very little that doesn’t go well with feta. It may explain why around a half of all cheese consumed in Greece is ….you guessed it – feta!

We have it in…everything! In summer Greeks love to serve feta with watermelon as a snack or light meal! Don’t knock it till you try it – it is a refreshing combination of contrasting flavors and a great way to replenish minerals and proteins during Greece’s hot summer months.

Watermelon & Feta Salad

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