GFG fresh-baked Melomakarona are lovingly crafted with a comforting blend of:

  • Fresh honey
  • Fresh orange juice
  • Cinnamon
  • Premium Greek olive oil

What are Melomakarona?

Melomakarono may sound a bit like French macaroons, but there is no resemblance. The name is derived from the Greek words for “meli“, which means honey, and “makarona” from the ancient Greek “makaria“, meaning blessed.

Traditionally these Greek cookies are served at Christmas alongside another favorite,  Kourabiedes. We love them both any season, but did you know they are a subject of endless debate among Greeks?

Melomakarona vs. Kourabiedes

At Christmas time in Greece local bakeries begin filling up with Melomakarona and Kourabiedes.  While most Greeks secretly love both types of cookies, they may engage in debate to defend their “favorite”.

No one really knows how this sugary battle began, but one thing is for sure — it’s hard to pick a side when both options are so delicious. We suggest you try both in our Sweet Party Platter and decide for yourself if there is any reason to argue or pick favorites.

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