Kasseri – 1 lb



Kasseri cheese

  • Made from 100% sheep’s milk
  • Perfect table or melting cheese


Ingredients: Cultured pasteurized sheep’s milk, bacterial culture, salt, rennet, coloring

Weight: 1 lb / 450 g

Packaging: vacuum pack

Country of origin: Greece

Brand: Fantis Foods Inc

Kasseri is a well-known semi-hard, pale yellow cheese with a unique flavor and stringy texture. Traditionally made with sheep’s milk, or with a bit of goat milk mixed in. It is aged for a minimum of four months, and has a mild buttery taste.

Typically served as a table cheese in Greece, Turkey and the Balkans, it is also a popular choice for dishes requiring melting cheese such as saganaki. In the US Kasseri is often used as a substitute for mozzarella.

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