Cavo Greco Foods - Cyprus on a plate

GFG is proud to partner with Cavo Greco Foods – the team that brings a little taste of Cyprus to Mediterranean food lovers in USA.

The dynamic Arestis family trio were born and raised in Cyprus, where their deep-rooted passion for Mediterranean cuisine was cultivated. Their goal is to share their culture by producing top-quality Cypriot delicacies inspired by the mouth-watering creations of Yiayia’s kitchen. 

Alexandros Arestis - Founder/CEO
Savvas Arestis- Co-Founder/CEO
Maria C. Arestis - Co-Founder/Branding & Product Manager

Cavo Greco products

Cavo Greco products are made with all-natural ingredients, bursting with authentic goodness and, of course, approved by Yiayia! Cavo Greco Foods wants to empower families to whip up delicious wholesome meals that not only tantalize taste buds but also bring the essence of home in every bite. With a matching dedication to high quality, authentic flavors and time-saving convenience, the company and its products were a perfect addition to our range. 

GFG e-shop carries a range of Cavo Greco products that customers can buy and prepare in the comfort of their homes. We loved them so much that we included some in our own restaurant menu. At Greek From Greece in Manhattan we feature vegan Cypriot Koupes with mushrooms and Halloumi Stix made in partnership with Cavo Greco Foods – and they are a huge hit. We serve them as part of our Mediterranean Bowl range, as an appetizer along with our freshly prepared Greek dips and also as the perfect addition to our catering trays

Cypriot Koupes served with lemon

Why choose Cavo Greco

Natural ingredients

Cavo Greco Foods are made using authentic recipes and freshest ingredients all meticulously prepared with utmost care. The company made it a priority to steer clear of fillers, artificial flavors, synthetic preservatives, and GMOs. Let’s just say that only Yiayia-approved ingredients make the cut at Cavo Greco Foods.

Effortless meals

CGF is powered by 3 dynamic people who work super hard and know time is precious. But that doesn’t mean skipping a nice meal! The company wants to help busy families make tasty home-style dishes quickly.  All products are tested to save time and always turn out just as they should, without any fuss. 

Home in every bite

As any expat will tell you, we all get homesick from time to time. Having some of our favorite comfort food on hand is a must. For us Cavo Greco Foods bring back the cozy, family-filled memories of home-cooked meals and baked goodies. For our American guests, it’s  a journey through the wholesome flavors of our homeland right here in the US.