Greek Kalamon Olives – Whole



  • whole Kalamon olives from Laconia in Greece
  • rich in nutrients
  • no artificial additives
  • no cholesterol
  • vegan and keto diet compatible


Weight: 7 oz / 200g

Packaging: vacuum sealed bag

Country of origin: Greece

Brand: Sparta Gourmet

Kalamon olives are a PDO product, grown in the Messinia region of Greece. This superior table olive is beloved worldwide, for its large size, rich flavor and juiciness but also for its rich antioxidant and nutrient profile.

It is grown in an arid environment with dry and low moisture soil, requiring only lots of sunshine to ripen to its full potential. It collects and conserves maximum moisture within, gracing us with an impressive result: a large, plump and juicy purple olive bursting with flavor.

Used in Greek salads or served as an appetizer it pairs perfectly with feta, but also with most white and yellow cheeses. Its juicy, meaty content makes them the ideal addition to pasta dishes, pizzas and a satisfying, healthy snack on their own.

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