Idalio Foods - Real Cypriot Halloumi

As a business that prides itself on premium authentic ingredients from Greece (and Cyprus), we are always on the lookout for exceptional products and…exceptional producers. Our search for the best halloumi for our restaurant and dishes led us to a partnership with Idalio Foods.

We love grilled cheese as much as anyone. And our favorite grilling cheese is: Halloumi. Though very popular in the US, we found that much of the Halloumi sold in the US market is not authentic. Real halloumi comes from the island of Cyprus. It is made using pure sheep milk or a mixture of goat and sheep milk, curdled and matured using traditional methods. 

real sheep milk halloumi cheese by idalio foods from cyprus

Idalio Foods is the labor of love for Eleni and Harris who live in  New Jersey. 

Eleni and Harris are childhood friends from Cyprus. They come from a family with a long tradition of sheep farming in the Eastern Mediterranean. The young couple stuck to their roots, dedicating themselves to crafting high-quality dairy products. A taste of home tends to follow Cypriot and Greek people wherever they go. So, when they moved to the US they brought with them their treasured products. Lucky for us!

We tried Idalio Halloumi when choosing various Greek and Cypriot cheeses to incorporate in our restaurant dishes – it was love at first bite. 

Idalio Halloumi is made with 100% sheep milk, using only the finest all-natural ingredients, all prepared using traditional methods passed down the generations. This halloumi is PDO certified and we can guarantee it is the real deal! 

"We want our customers to experience the real taste of Greece. We source our authentic staple and P.D.O. products directly from Greece and Cyprus, preferring select producers who follow traditional methods of preparation."

The company is named after the ancient city Idalion located in the Nicosia district in Cyprus. Idalio or Idalium as it was also known, was the center of worship of Aphrodite and her consort – the Master of Animals. According to mythology, Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite and touted as the Island of Love. True to its myth, the people of Cyprus are very passionate, especially about their homeland, culture and traditions, infusing all their creations with much love. This is especially true of the Cypriot cuisine, which is both: incredibly simple and perfectly wholesome. 

idalio haloumi from cyprus

"Every product we create is infused with love, and it is our hope to bring this love to your table."

Our customers definitely approve! Our halloumi dishes always reap great reviews and Idalio Halloumi is one of our e-shop’s most popular products. You can buy it here or visit us at our Midtown Manhattan restaurant to try it yourself