Sparta Gourmet

At Greek From Greece we place great emphasis on quality, authenticity,  but also integrity, environmental and social responsibility.

We want to know exactly where our ingredients come from and how they are processed. Sparta Gourmet fulfills this criteria with fully traceable, natural products and certified quality seals.

In addition, Sparta Gourmet is one of those Greek producers who make an impact on gastronomy, without losing sight of the land and its people.

With their exceptional products and a demonstrated commitment to excellence across the board we are proud to present Sparta Gourmet products as part of our range.

About Sparta Gourmet

Hailing from legendary Sparta in southeastern Peloponnese, Sparta Gourmet combines top quality olive cultivars, traditional growing and harvesting methods, and innovative processing for consistent flavor and quality. Best of all, their products are all natural and 100% authentic.

Honoring Nature

Sustainable products with minimal waste, maximum utility, and reduced carbon footprint. Sparta Gourmet makes every effort to truly partner with nature, taking care to nurture the land and the crops. The olives are not treated with harmful chemicals or pesticides and are harvested by hand. Their large facilities are operated using a solar panel system with excess generation sent to the local grid.

Social Responsibility

Their social mission doesn’t stop at environmental initiatives and donations – Sparta Gourmet is in for the long-haul, supporting its community in practical ways.

A commitment to local employment, continued education for both employees and producers, free educational seminars and programming to increase adoption of best practices and improved outcomes as a long-term dedication to the land and its people.

Quality & Food Safety

Quality and food safety are Sparta Gourmet’s top priority, as assured by FDA approval, Greek Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food licensing, as well as IFS & BRC certifications.


Sparta Gourmet champions innovation for guaranteed product quality and nutritional value. Their cutting-edge facility uses Alfa Laval’s Contherm systems innovative technology for olive oil extraction, yielding the purest olive oils with double the average polyphenol concentration.

About The Products

Greek Olive selections at Greek From Greece New York


The exquisite Kalamata olives used in Sparta Gourmet's products, were cultivated for generations by local farmers who take pride in their craftsmanship. The combination of traditional farming techniques and modern technology results in a product that has both exceptional taste and nutritional benefits, as well as unsurpassed quality.

extra virgin olive oil in a glass decanter

Olive Oil

Sparta Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil is more than just a traditional condiment; an award-winning masterpiece crafted from the finest Koroneiki olives grown in the groves of southern Peloponnese. Meticulously harvested and cold pressed within 24 hours using innovative extraction technology, this premium grade oil is remarkably rich in polyphenols while boasting an outstanding flavor profile. Listed in the Official Index of World’s Best Olive Oils – their nutrient-packed premium olive oils guarantee superior quality, freshness and flavor in each bottle.

Whether you’re looking for an all-natural cooking ingredient or something special for your next dinner party or holiday gathering, Sparta Gourmet Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil ranges are sure to please even the most discerning palates. Try them in our dishes or order yours today at the new Greek From Greece online shop!