gfg joins My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Day celebrations in New York

On September 7th NYC went full Greek-mode as we counted down the days for the release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.

Greek From Greece’s 7th Avenue restaurant joined Greek Week celebrations, organized for the movie fans by Focus Features,  and we had a blast! It was the perfect celebration of the movie we all love but also a way to pay homage to Greek culture in New York.

Over at our Midtown Manhattan location, movie’s fans lined up in the street ahead of lunch hour waiting to try our My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Combo special, courtesy of Focus Features. Over 150 meals were snapped up in minutes (literally).  Fox5 dropped in for a quick chat with the chef. We aren’t sure if they managed to try the meal or if the MBFGW3 superfans beat them to it…

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The meal included our restaurant’s most popular dish: the Build-Your-Own Mediterranean Bowl, fresh lemonade and freshly baked baklava. 

Yes we covered everything from slow-cooked lamb through to vegetarian and vegan choices like our delicious Vegan Croquettes (Cypriot koupes) and so much more. Kudos to our amazing chef Taso and team for making it all happen! It was delicious!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Combo by Greek From Greece

During the premiere week, besides cinema it was all about Greek food, culture and lifestyle. Businesses around NYC prepared special treats and freebies in honor of the movie. Fans went around the city sampling Greek culinary delights and so much more. Companies like Korres and  Kleinfield Bridal joined in to cover everything you need for the perfect wedding day! Yes there was an actual  wedding too! Needless to say iconic Windex was right there to treat any emergencies! The Greek Week peaked with the movie release including a charitable early screening. 

Paging SouVlaki!

Have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 yet? We have. Spoiler alert: it is GOAT! Check out the trailer!

The beloved rom-com My Big Fat Greek Wedding first made its way into our hearts back in 2002 and was an instant hit. Nia Vardalos captured the Greek culture with such flair and humor that the movie wasn’t lost on non-Greeks either. The sequel was released in 2016 and since then the fans have been rooting for more! In My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 the iconic family travels to Greece. And it is every bit as exciting as a trip to Greece should be! We love it and we think you will too!

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